Cottam power station-sunset


Oil on canvas, 2018.

This is the largest canvas I have painted to date. it is copied from a photo my wife took as we were driving towards Lincoln on the A57 near Dunham on Trent at sunset. The colours don’t really do justice to the original image we witnessed which was spectacular. The result is not un-pleasing however.


Sir Anthony Hopkins


Oil on canvas board, 2018.

I copied this from a photo of the Oscar-winning actor in the Radio Times. I liked the muted colours. The likeness is not too bad. I deliberately left the clothes less finished than the face to give the picture more immediacy.

The artist/designer


Oil on canvas board.

I copied this from a photo in Guardian magazine of an artist who is also an interior designer, posing in a room she designed in frontĀ  of one of her paintings , presumably. It is not a good likeness but I was not too concerned to be accurate. It was more important I thought to capture her pose and the air of nonchalance she exhibits.

Christopher Eccleston


Oil on canvas board.

I copied this from a photograph of the actor in the Radio Times. The use of light in the photo made me think of portraits by Holbein. Unfortunately my attempt to reproduce the lighting effect has given this picture a slightly cartoon-like effect I feel. The likeness is almost there.

Portrait of Dominic Schad


Oil on canvas.

This is a portrait of my colleague and friend Dominic Schad. He is the Director of the charity, Muddy Fork, of which I am a trustee. He kindly allowed me to take a photograph of him from which I painted this portrait in oils. I think it is quite a good likenessĀ  and he agreed. It took longer to paint his fair isle pullover than it did to paint the rest!