Roman ruins


Acrylic on paper.

This is copied from a photograph I took in Rome of ruins near the Coliseum. I liked the way the shadows fell across the ruins and the contrast between the weathered stone, brick and plaster and the vibrant green grass and blue sky. It doesn’t quite do justice to the original vista but has a pleasing effect.


Nigatsudo Temple, night.


Watercolour and pen.

This is copied from a woodblock print by the 20th century Japanese artist Hiroshi. It is fairly faithful  to the original  I think, though using different media of course. it looks quite effective with a coloured mount.

Kikuyu Woman


Acrylic on canvas

This is based on an old sepia photograph from the internet. As well as adding colour I decided to add an African themed background  of my own imagining. Not one of my best but it is colourful !

Abbey Ruins


Acrylic 2017

This is another ‘alternative’ landscape based on  a moody black and white photo of an unnamed ruined abbey which I have rendered in vibrant  base colours to give it an hallucinogenic effect. It could be seen I suppose as a monastic building subsumed by fire- you decide!

Nepalese mother and child



This is based on a photo taken during our visit to a  village near the Chitwan national park in Nepal in 2014. The villagers were very poor but welcoming and seemed very happy and the children were delightful and cheeky. The child was a little girl I think despite the blue babygrow. (I sold this painting at the Sutton Art group annual exhibition  in November 2017)

Dunstanburgh (fantasy)


Acrylic, 2017

I had painted a picture of the romantic ruins of Dunstanburgh castle in Northumberland but the grey stones walls and green grass verges made it uninspiring so I started afresh using vibrant unrealistic colours and created this striking image which I rather like- a kind of Dunstanburgh on acid!