The Ganges, Varanasi: early morning

Varanasai - Early Morning

Acrylic, 2016

This was copied from a photograph taken during our visit to India in 2014.The photo looked like an impressionist painting with its indistinct figures undertaking holy ablutions in the sacred river as the sun emerges from the morning mist. That was why I sought to paint it and hopefully capture something of the strange atmosphere we experienced. The picture is behind glass and so unfortunately shows light reflection.


Study of African Man

Study of African ManAcrylic, 2016

This study in acrylics is based on a picture of an unnamed African man on the internet. I think the subject exhibits a kind of pained nobility-  he has obviously seen and endured a lot in his comparatively long life and looks like he does not suffer fools gladly!



Watercolour and pen, 2017

I like the appearance of Swaledale sheep and looked for a suitable photo of them to copy. I particularly like the way they are looking at the camera with a mixture of fearful suspicion and puzzlement, as they do  most of the time I imagine !