Self Portrait

ISelf PortraitAcrylic on canvas, 2017

This was copied from a photograph taken in our garden in high summer . It was very bright that day which is why I am squinting somewhat. It is recognisable as me- at least the serious version that is.


Marina Grande


Acrylic  and pen on canvas, 2017

This was copied from a photograph taken back in 2001 I think. It shows me and our two daughters overlooking the Marina Grande in Sorrento. As it is so detailed it took several days to complete.

Suki and Helen on the Beach

Suki & Helen at the beach

Acrylic, 2016


This was the first painting I ever did at the Sutton Art Group. It is based on a photo of my daughter Helen and our dog Suki on the beach at Theddlethorpe, Lincolnshire sometime around 2005 I think. It made me think of beach scenes by Monet and the positioning of the figures reminds me of works by Degas, one of my favourite painters.

Tim Roth

Tim RothAcrylic on canvas, 2016

This is the first portrait I painted on canvas. It is based on a black and white photo of the actor in the Radio Times. The intensity of the subject seems to come through I feel and it makes a striking image.

Miss Haversham Regrets

Miss Haversham regrets

Acrylic, 2017

This painting was based on a photo in a magazine featuring a young woman (the photographer) in a white dress in a sunlight room in a dilapidated mansion. It made me think of the character of Miss Haversham in Dickens’ Great Expectations, hence the title.

The Ganges, Varanasi: early morning

Varanasai - Early Morning

Acrylic, 2016

This was copied from a photograph taken during our visit to India in 2014.The photo looked like an impressionist painting with its indistinct figures undertaking holy ablutions in the sacred river as the sun emerges from the morning mist. That was why I sought to paint it and hopefully capture something of the strange atmosphere we experienced. The picture is behind glass and so unfortunately shows light reflection.