Study of African Man

Study of African ManAcrylic, 2016

This study in acrylics is based on a picture of an unnamed African man on the internet. I think the subject exhibits a kind of pained nobility-  he has obviously seen and endured a lot in his comparatively long life and looks like he does not suffer fools gladly!


Curbar Edge

Curbur Edge


Watercolour, 2017

This was based on a photograph in a calendar showing views of the Derbyshire Peak district , collected by Curbar primary school at which my niece and nephew were pupils.



Watercolour and pen, 2017

I like the appearance of Swaledale sheep and looked for a suitable photo of them to copy. I particularly like the way they are looking at the camera with a mixture of fearful suspicion and puzzlement, as they do  most of the time I imagine !